Latest News

Latest News

  • Consult Search & Selection has been named as one of the 50 fastest growing companies in Yorkshire. The company is listed in the Ward Hadaway Yorkshire Fastest 50 for 2019, a run-down of the fastest gr ...
  • No other event like it

    01 Mar 2019 Harry Singh



  • Grey's Anatomy Scrubs Launch in UK

    28 Feb 2019 Aisling Kavanagh





  • Insulation From Dento-Legal Woes

    21 Feb 2019 Amit Rai
    In a society where blame culture is rife, avoiding legal action has become an unfortunate but necessary consideration within UK dentistry. NHS Digital reported that around 95,000 complaints were made ...
  • Maven Dental Graduate Program 2019

    04 Feb 2019 Kandie Rowe

    The future of Maven!  We hosted our first Graduate Induction Program for 2019 with some of our newest dentists gaining some invaluable insights about their future career.

  • Systems For Dentists (SFD) is the longest UK established quality software provider for dental practice management. Since 1987, dental practices have looked to Systems For Dentists as the independent s ...
  • A periodontal update

    23 Jan 2019 Reena Wadia, Specialist Periodontist, RW Perio and King’s College London
    The assessment and management of periodontal diseases is an important area to stay up-to-date in as it’s a key part of daily practice. There is now overwhelming evidence that the disease has a negativ ...
  • Mouthwash Advanced Whitening GOLD with edible GOLD

    11 Jan 2019 Dentissimo Premium Oral Care

    DENTISSIMO®  Premium Oral Care has launched new products in  2019.
    Mouthwash Advanced Whitening GOLD with edible GOLD, - specifically designed to whiten the teeth naturally.

  • Testing Dental Tech to the Limits

    03 Jan 2019 A-dec UK

    When technology in your practice fails, it can turn an otherwise normal day into a nightmare – especially if that tech is something as vital as your dental chair, light or motors. 

  • Your restorative, prosthodontic and digital needs covered  Don’t miss 3M Oral Care at the British Dental Conference and Dentistry Show in May. The team will be launching the new and improved Impregum ...
  • Orchard Training Services

    04 Dec 2018 Helen Watson

    We specialise in providing Immediate Life Support, medical emergency and CPR training for Dental and GP practices across Derbyshire, Cheshire and the surrounding area. We provide training for the whole team.

    We will be on stand L12 and will be presenting on 'Medical Emergencies in the Dental Practice' on Friday 18th May in the CPD theatre.

  • Focus Group - Eyesite Case Study

    03 Dec 2018 Eyesite

    Please take a moment to read one of the Focus Group's case studies.

    Focus Group helps Eyesite make the switch over to a
    cost-effective VoIP service packed with future-proofed
    features that can accommodate evolving business
    communication needs with ease.

    Jim Green,
    Managing Director at Eyesite

  • Dr Ben Atkins recently received the CALCIVIS imaging system, a new technology that uses a unique photoprotein to bind with the free calcium ions that are indicative of active demineralisation. The resulting bioluminescent (light-emitting) signal will allow the chair side identification of active dental caries at their earliest stages. 

  • Fight Periodontal Disease Campaign, are you willing to make the pledge?

    02 Dec 2018 Jo Dickinson RDH FAETC, Hygienist

    Periodontal disease affects nearly half the adult population in the UK. However, periodontitis is both preventable and treatable and the cost of both is relatively low. With a growing momentum in awareness of the importance of periodontal health, there is likely to be an increase in demand for treatment and information regarding prevention.

    Periodontitis is classed as a chronic non-communicable disease and is sixth on the table of the most prevalent disease worldwide. Chronic non-communicable diseases such as cardio-vascular disease (CVD) and diabetes are putting a huge burden on healthcare services and their associated costs. As more research emerges supporting the fact that periodontal disease may well be a contributor to other chronic non-communicable diseases, it would now be prudent to see public health promotion programmes and integrated medico/dental strategies carried out at a national and local level.

    Acteon believe in supporting the dental team to develop their patient care and are pleased to launch their new campaign “Fight periodontal disease” Acteon will offer the technology to diagnose and treat this disease and provide the practice with all the necessary tools and CPD training needed to educate the dental team and patient. Are you willing to make the pledge?

  • Snowbird Finance are pleased to announce the appointment of George Miller as the new Director - Treatment Finance.

    George brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience in retail and consumer finance spanning over 20 years. George will be driving the growth of the Treatment Finance programme for Snowbird across multiple vertical markets including dental, aesthetic, cosmetic, and optical.

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