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Latest News

  • Dentally: be on cloud 9

    16 Apr 2019 Clare Levy

    Dentally, the UK’s leading cloud dental software, will be attending the British Dental Conference and Dentistry Show 17th – 18th May, The NEC, Birmingham.

  • New Reports from Dentally

    16 Apr 2019 Clare Levy

    Delivering effortless answers fast using the Dentally smarter reporting function, is a key element of the software and we have been busy adding new reports!

  • Win a CV revamp by setting up a job alert

    15 Apr 2019 Angela Meringolo

    Ready to have your CV professionally rewritten? 

  • 40% Show Only Savings

    12 Apr 2019 Sherry Diaz-Thompson
  • Dominic Hassall is one of the world’s leading clinical restorative, implant and aesthetic dentists.

  • DB Orthodontics explains how the dual retention system Maintain, developed by Consultant Orthodontist David Waring, offers a positive experience for both patient and clinician

  • Forget Buying The Scanner, Try This

    06 Apr 2019 Michael T. Strachanowski

    How many times have you bought something during the Dentistry Show, conference, seminar or after a nice speech of somebody successful in your field? 

  • Systems for Dentists is proud to announce our latest developments for 2019, Kudos - our online reputation manager and Patient Portal - an own branded app for your dental practice. 


  • Pick the low hanging fruit

    04 Apr 2019 James Head

    Our  business consulting offer perfectly compliments our reason for being in business, which is to 'help dentists fulfil thier business ambitions'.

  • Best Care for your Chair

    04 Apr 2019 A-dec UK

    A well-engineered, good quality dental chair should last you at least 10 years… providing you look after it. 

  • Top Level Training for Dentists

    03 Apr 2019 Emma Mullally

    The Dominic Hassall Training Institute delivers exceptional postgraduate education; transforming your clinical practice, increasing confidence, predictability and profitability.


  • Reduce inflammation

    03 Apr 2019
    Inflammation can cause serious damage to the teeth and gums and may be a primary contributor to a variety of systemic diseases.[i] To keep the oral environment in optimum health, recommend the Waterpi ...
  • “The Lunch & Learn was very useful and I would recommend it to other practices.”   Dr Ollie Beukes from K3 Cosmetic Dental Studio in South Yorkshire comments on the recent Waterpik Lunch & Learn sessi ...
  • Flossing made simple

    02 Apr 2019
    As a member of the British Society of Dental Hygiene and Therapy, Clare Payne recently tested the Waterpik® Ultra Professional Water Flosser. She said:   “This trial has been very beneficial as I like ...
  • As an adjunct to tooth brushing, the Waterpik® Water Flosser is significantly more effective than string floss for removing plaque[i]and reducing gingivitis.[ii]   The Waterpik® Water Flosser has also ...

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