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Sunil Passan, General Dental Practitioner, Northlight Dental

"I came to the show to look at products and do some research. I'm here predominantly for buying purposes. I've come before and it's always good, it seems busy here. I like the BDA lounge where I am now. I've bought a few things and am doing some more research so will probably buy later. There's a lot of digital stuff here which is good. I find you can also get materials and software here which is good."

Sue Cousins, Practice Manager, Dental Care 

"I've come here with my employer, and have been looking at a lot of the lectures in the business theatre, so that's very useful for me in my role. I see that as training and CPD. I've been gathering information to take back and discuss, maybe with the intention of buying. I've noticed the involvement with the BDA, it seems to be a good thing for sure."

Veenu Singla, Practice Owner, Dental Care 

"I'm an expert member of the BDA and am the president of a BDA branch. The collaboration with the BDA has been fantastic, it seems much busier. It's good because it allows to me to do both at once, whereas previously I might miss one of them.

There's been great speakers here, and you can learn tips and tricks, I can then use them in my practice, and eventually improve."

John Bates, General Dental Practitioner and Practice Owner, Station House Dental Practice

"I came to have a look round and look at new techniques, look at various products and also to meet people and companies. I normally look to research while I'm here and buy after the event. I get a mixture of learning and CPD here as well as looking at the exhibition.

I've been before and it's really busy now. There's a lot in the exhibition and a lot more in the conference sense as well."

Roslyn Mcmullan, Dentist (retired), Chair of Northern Ireland council of BDA

"I came in the first place because it's a good networking opportunity, it's good to see what other members of the BDA are up to. I also came to see some of the BDA speakers.

I was a hospital orthodontist previously – so the CPD has always been really important. I think the collaboration between the BDA and the show has exceeded my expectations. I think it adds a good CPD element.

Footfall has been amazing here, and for the BDA I think the marketing has been really good, which I'm sure is really good for the stallholders, I'm sure the exhibitors are happy."

Alison Warneken, General Dental Practitioner, Guys Dental

"I came to look at some of the endo stuff and CPD. I do buy some stuff here, though most of the stuff I get is what I've seen already. It's also good to see what's new, that's important. Some of the stands have hands-on stations which I find really good.

The addition of the BDA seems to have made it a bigger exhibition and more stands, and having the technical area as well is really good. It seems busier too."

Koray Feran, Principal Dental Surgeon and Clinical Director 

"It was really busy and really full, it's nice to be in a big auditorium like this. I really appreciate people coming to ask questions afterwards, I think it's important. It also highlights anything I might have left out – that helps me to modify the lecture later.

I go to a lot of conferences but not normally shows like this, and I've found that the collaborative nature of this is really good for the industry – particularly with the BDA."

Siobhan Barry, Senior Lecturer and Consultant in Paediatric Dentistry

"It was really good, a very good audience and very interested. The support has been really good, everything went very smoothly. People were asking questions at the end, quite a few people came up afterwards which is really nice. It's been very busy out on the show floor, it's very impressive. I think it's great for the industry, it seems to be working very well."


Diyari Abdah, Cosmetic and Implant Expert in Private practice in Cambridge – UK

The crowd is perfect – it's not too big, I like this sort of set up. Sometimes you go to other shows and it's just too big. People were very engaged, which I really like. The whole organisation has been really good.

Overall I'm very pleased and I like the fact that people can come here and learn in this way.

Richard Porter, Private Practitioner and Consultant in Restorative and Implant Dentistry

"It's been a really good experience, it's my first time here and I love the energy. I enjoyed giving a lecture that hopefully was entertaining as well as for learning. It's been very well organised too.

I can see a lot of interaction and engagement in the audience which I love. I think the collaboration with the BDA because I think it adds credibility to both – you have the manufacturers and distributors and the commercial side of the Dentistry Show, combined with what is effectively the biggest dentistry union in the UK, it means they both become more than the sum of their parts. It should definitely continue."

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