17 & 18 May 2019
NEC, Birmingham

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Why Events Rule!

Face it - these facts on the event industry prove just why you should invest in events! Use them at your leisure! We are really excited about the findings from our industry's first-ever psychological study of the power of live and we think you should be too! Using innovative new research techniques, we have created brand new insights to explain how live events work for any business, large or small. We can now reveal the unique attributes of going face-to-face with customers as part of any sales and marketing strategy.

1. Live Competes Hard Against (And Beats) 
TV One in three people experience an uplift in positive attitudes after attending an event, versus only one in four people experiencing the standard uplift to a 30 second TV advert.   

2. Live Is Best Form Of Marketing 
Before a show, 32% of visitors viewed events as the 'best marketing as you can interact and compare to others', but this rose dramatically to 74% post-show, including an uplift in positive sub-conscious feelings for one in five people.   

3. Live Fuels Sales Uplift 
After experiencing a brand at a trade event, 28% more visitors indicated 'I would like to buy it' (16% implicitly), with 29% at a consumer event (19% implicitly).
4. Live Informs Customers In Detail About Purchasing Decisions 
Before an event 36% of visitors say attendance 'makes it easier to decide to buy', but after an event this doubles to 76%, with one in five visitors showing an implicit/sub-conscious gain. Meanwhile 50% of visitors expected the event to be the 'best place to find out new things', with this rising to 85% after an event.   

5. Live Turbo-Powers Brand Engagement For Consumers 
After attending an event, almost three times as many people (74% compared to starting point of 27%) thought that events 'let you be more open minded about what brands offer'. There was a strong implicit gain of 23% on this statement.   

Interestingly, there was a one in five subconscious gain in people stating that brands at a show were 'one I aspire to' after attending and a third of visitors went on to believe a brand is 'the best-known brand in its field' after attending an event.   

6. Live Builds And Strengthens Relationships With Corporate Customers 
An additional 37% of visitors to a trade event believed 'experiencing a business first-hand makes it more memorable', with one in five believing this implicitly post-event.   

7. Live Breeds Knowledge, Insight and Contacts 
37% of visitors believed a trade event would be the 'best way to meet new contacts', rising to 71% post-event. Likewise, from an opening 38% of visitors believing they will 'find out new things', that number was more doubled to 80% post-event.

2018 Streams

BDA Theatre

New for 2018, the British Dental Conference will take place in the BDA Theatre at the show. 

The conference programme is designed by dentists for dentists and their teams, giving you the dental knowledge and insights you need.

BACD Aesthetic Dentist Theatre

The BACD Aesthetic Dentist conference will provide you with a thorough insight into key aesthetic subjects as they relate to a modern
dental practice. Combine these aesthetic treatments with your business.

Business Theatre

An action-packed programme of engaging and highly relevant presentations to help you build a successful and profitable practice. Focusing on the ‘HOW’ – giving you practical business advice to take away and implement in your practice.

Hygienist & Therapist Symposium

This two-day conference programme, has been designed with the learning objectives of both dental hygienists and therapists in mind, and will cover an array of clinical topics while providing valuable vCPD.

Dental Nurses Forum

Remaining completely up-to-date with the latest regulations, requirements and protocols is imperative to your work as a dental nurse..

Core CPD Theatre

The CORE CPD conference returns, with an expanded and improved two day programme. Covering all the major CPD topics, experts will run presentations on infection control and prevention, radiation protection and medical emergencies, as well as early detection of oral cancer.

Next Generation Conference

NEW for 2017, the Next Generation Conference is designed for young dynamic dentists looking to understand aspects of dentistry that were never taught at dental school. So, make sure you bring your young dentists with you!



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