18 & 19 May 2018
NEC, Birmingham

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  • Periodontal disease affects nearly half the adult population in the UK. However, periodontitis is both preventable and treatable and the cost of both is relatively low. With a growing momentum in awareness of the importance of periodontal health, there is likely to be an increase in demand for treatment and information regarding prevention.

    Periodontitis is classed as a chronic non-communicable disease and is sixth on the table of the most prevalent disease worldwide. Chronic non-communicable diseases such as cardio-vascular disease (CVD) and diabetes are putting a huge burden on healthcare services and their associated costs. As more research emerges supporting the fact that periodontal disease may well be a contributor to other chronic non-communicable diseases, it would now be prudent to see public health promotion programmes and integrated medico/dental strategies carried out at a national and local level.

    Acteon believe in supporting the dental team to develop their patient care and are pleased to launch their new campaign “Fight periodontal disease” Acteon will offer the technology to diagnose and treat this disease and provide the practice with all the necessary tools and CPD training needed to educate the dental team and patient. Are you willing to make the pledge?

  • In support of Brain Tumour Research and Wear a Hat Day on 29th March 2018; Cavity staff far and wide (the little ones too) will be releasing their inner artists and creating their own hats!


  • Dental HR

    22 Feb 2018 Dental HR

    Dental HR Ltd, one of the only dedicated human resource consultancies in the UK dental industry.

  • SciCan's STATIM autoclaves have been well recognized as being gentle and quicker than most autoclaves. The STATIM 2000 G4 and STATIM 5000 G4 models still offer the characteristic steam technology. Adi ...
  • A skull, a vertebra, an ear, a patch of skin, a cornea, dental implants - is there anything that 3D printing can’t do in regenerative medicine? This technology is no longer reserved for one-off experiments in China or in the US, its use has become an everyday reality and keeps delivering unbelievable advances, especially in surgical services.

    Explore how 3D printing is affecting dentists, opticians, neurologists and more. 

  • Exhibited for the first time in the UK on Stand K10, Heka Dental have harnessed the air by integrating the W&H Primea Advanced Air Turbine within their state-of-the-art UnicLine S Treatment Centres. U ...
  • Digital Dental will be exhibiting a wide range of innovations on Stand P30 at The Dentistry Show including the Planmeca Emerald intraoral scanner and the Shining 3D AutoScan DS-EX 3D scanner, which is ...
  • The Society of British Dental Nurses are a professional group and a voice of dental  nurses. The Society is served by a large group of ambassadors with dental nurse expertise across a wide range of specialist fields; some of who make up the committee and we are honoured to have a number of consultants and professors as a guiding arm.

    We offer mentoring, career advice and support in challenging times and have our membership at the heart of all of our work. 

    We have contributed to key stakeholder groups and have spoken widely on a number of current topics and across a number of regions. We also have a strong focus on dental nurse students and the opportunities that lie ahead.  

    We welcome our speakers who will be focusing on two of the additional skills open to dental nurses at this years show.

    Visit us at stand K61 and find us at  

  • Stay Looking Good

    09 Feb 2018 by: AB Communication PR Ltd Belmont

    Ultrasoft Pro is a new range of Upholstery (33 new colours)  added to the two exsinting ranges: Standard and Ultrasoft.

    Pro Ultarsoft is ink and denim resistant, has got an antimicrobial protection and is earth friendly.

  • Leading Lights

    09 Feb 2018 by: AB Communications PR Ltd Belmont

    900 / 300 LED Series deliver cool operation, incredible compactness, lightness and a responsiveness that advances Operator working comfort into the future.

  • Sitting Pretty

    09 Feb 2018 by: AB Communications PR Ltd Belmont

    Choose the best solution for you and your patinets between our full range of equipment:

    Cleo II, our compact folding leg rest chair;

    tbCompass, comfortable sits of this wondrful ambidesxtrous traetment centre;

    Voyager III, essential line of another ambidextrous treatment centre;

    Clesta II, timeless over the patient treatment centre



  • Cromatel Receptions

    05 Feb 2018 by: Trevor Lingard Cromatel

    Exciting new furniture ranges for Traditional and Contemporary Reception areas

  • Does the perfect job exist?

    30 Jan 2018 by: Amit Patel Dental Circle

    Does the perfect job exist?


    If you're browsing Dental Circle Jobs, the chances are you aren't happy in your current job role. This can be frustrating when all around us we see people who love their chosen career, have an easy commute, and work with great people, but what's the secret to finding that 'perfect' job, or is it all just a myth?


    Get your priorities right

    While we like to think that we can help you find a role that's right in every way, there are often some things that you may have to compromise on. The best way to go into this process is to decide from the outset what your priorities are and list them in order of importance. The top ones should the items that have to be ticked, while the ones towards the bottom you can perhaps be a little more flexible about.


    What's important in a dental job?

    At Dental Circle Jobs, we believe the key priorities in any job search should be the role itself to ensure that you will achieve job satisfaction, a level of remuneration that you are satisfied with, a handy location so that your commute is relatively easy, and a good team of people to work alongside. Not all of these factors can be ascertained during your initial search, sometimes you can be pleasantly surprised during the interview stage so try not to dismiss vacancies too quickly. That's not to say we believe in applying for any and everything you come across, just keep your options a little more open!


    Of course, we're sure that you'll be able to find that perfect new position within our vacancies from our existing (and ever growing) circle. Head to to search our current list of job roles and get yourself on the path to true job satisfaction!

  • Brushlink

    26 Jan 2018 by: Brushlink Brushlink

    Brushlink transforms any toothbrush - manual or electric, into a ‘smart toothbrush’. Brushlink will seamlessly connect to the Brushlink app and coaches you to help improve your dental hygiene.

    Brushlink monitors your brushing technique and frequency to help you improve. Use our scores to help you and your family brush better every day. These points will accumulate over time and can be redeemed on certain dental discounts offered from your Brushlink certified dental practice. 

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2018 Streams

BDA Theatre

New for 2018, the British Dental Conference will take place in the BDA Theatre at the show. 

The conference programme is designed by dentists for dentists and their teams, giving you the dental knowledge and insights you need.

BACD Aesthetic Dentist Theatre

The BACD Aesthetic Dentist conference will provide you with a thorough insight into key aesthetic subjects as they relate to a modern
dental practice. Combine these aesthetic treatments with your business.

Business Theatre

An action-packed programme of engaging and highly relevant presentations to help you build a successful and profitable practice. Focusing on the ‘HOW’ – giving you practical business advice to take away and implement in your practice.

Hygienist & Therapist Symposium

This two-day conference programme, has been designed with the learning objectives of both dental hygienists and therapists in mind, and will cover an array of clinical topics while providing valuable vCPD.

Dental Nurses Forum

Remaining completely up-to-date with the latest regulations, requirements and protocols is imperative to your work as a dental nurse..

Core CPD Theatre

The CORE CPD conference returns, with an expanded and improved two day programme. Covering all the major CPD topics, experts will run presentations on infection control and prevention, radiation protection and medical emergencies, as well as early detection of oral cancer.

Next Generation Conference

NEW for 2017, the Next Generation Conference is designed for young dynamic dentists looking to understand aspects of dentistry that were never taught at dental school. So, make sure you bring your young dentists with you!



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